Your sales team.

Sell ​​your product /service in other countries in a simple and quick way.

Using data driven decision, Erah helps your company discover a number of new sales opportunities, optimizing your process of entering the international market and maximizing sales with customers abroad.

What is the purpose of your company?


Sales & Marketing solutions to generate qualified leads and increase sales. Know the profile of your customer and your market and identify new potential customers with simple steps.


With Erah, you can take your company to other countries with a team of business experts, aligned with the best practices in the world market, always one step ahead of the competition.

Our services

We have developed three steps for a successful sales strategy in other countries.

We carry out a macro market study to understand the position of your product / service in order to understand what best practices we can apply to generate more assertiveness in your sales.

We collect data about each client we work with, we generate a lot of information to make the process as assertive as possible. We use data mining solution, data driven and customized processes for each company (taking into account seasonality, priorities, average ticket, among other factors)

Our team of experts perform several joint actions to scale their results and all these actions always based on data.


Reasons for us to be your sales channel in other countries.

We are in market opening

We understand your target audience to behave in other countries, in addition to knowing about taxes and other implications of opening your operation across borders.

We reduce your cost and maximize results

With a 100% online sales process we guarantee the best cost-benefit in an international operation.

We use technology for better results.

We use data to make the process faster and more scalable.

Predictability in positive revenue generation

We generate predictability of positive monthly revenue, that is, every month you will know how much profit we should generate

Educational material

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Are you Ready?

Do you want to take your brand abroad? We have a team of business experts ready to assist you in this mission.




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