Jovens empresárias

We drive digital transformation and evolution through business, technology and design


What we believe

We believe that technology and innovation are instruments to positively impact people's lives, generate results and transform businesses. Therefore, we see each of our projects as an opportunity to make a difference for our customers.

We believe that a successful solution starts with an excellent team. Therefore, we value our team and we know that they are largely responsible for bringing our clients' ideas to life.

We understand that our mission is to bless lives, no matter who it is. Therefore, we see each meeting, coffee, project or job as an opportunity for this. That is our great purpose!

Collaboration meets creativity

In our workplace reigns a collaborative atmosphere that helps good vibes flow. Maintaining a healthy working environment has a positive impact on our projects and inspires quality even under moon landing pressure. Our teammates are a group of friends that get along well and receive newcomers with true enthusiasm.

The importance of feeling good

At Capicua there are no unnecessary formalities, such as wearing a suit to every meeting or following a chain of command to talk to partners or managers. We don’t need casual Fridays to help our team members feel comfortable because we already work in a comfortable environment. This helps us bring more of our true talent to everything we do.


What we do

  • Full-service product development                   

  • Mobile and web UX strategy                            

  • User Interface and visual design                      

  • Full-stack engineering and legacy

  • Business discovery & user research

  • Design sprints & prototyping

  • UX workshops & training





We scale startups into fully feathered companies

We’ve been the UX design and development team for Leadbird from initial sketch to professional platform. 

We create company identity

Our storytelling and branding services helped Grunë establish its groundbreaking business.

We future-proof critical business ideas

An integrated approach brings innovative solutions to complex problems.

We provide an iterative development process

Our intelligent development cycles deliver superior results.

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