Online or in-person sales?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

What is the best option for your company?


Many companies do not believe that digital tools can

help your business and rely on the traditional sales format that is

based on face-to-face visits to clients and occasional contacts with

customers, these contacts are also called cold calls.

We at Erah recognize the importance of the relationship

presence and that a close relationship with the customer is essential.

However, we understand that a large part of the sales process, mainly

the acquisition of new customers can be done digitally.

Today, the agenda for all of us is full of commitments, and

when we are able to respect customers' time by doing this in a

through the digital medium. Customers can understand the value of the proposal

and are attracted to your company.

Some of the techniques used in this process are:

Chat automation,

Personalized emailing

Explanatory videos

about the main doubts, video conference and live presentations where

we give the opportunity for several customers to ask questions.

One of the keys to a customer who has just been impacted by

your company is attention, and today it can be supplied through a

digital communication being widely used by large companies.