How to get customers to pick you up?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

I would like to share with you some ways to attract more and more customers

Certainly the dream of many companies is to arrive on Monday morning

your company to have a queue of new customers waiting for you to buy the

your products. However distant it seems to be from the reality of your

company this is possible.

This is one of the new ways to generate sales using digital tools,

it is called “inbound Marketing” or in Portuguese Marketing de

attraction. This technique consists of communicating your services to the market,

your solutions and do this in a way that customers seek your


This is undoubtedly a very powerful strategy that combined with a

good automation strategy to welcome new customers can generate

an exponential increase in your result.

Know the 5 steps to succeed in this strategy:

1 ºAttracting attention

It is essential to impact a large number of

people with your message. For this we use tools of

social media and youtube where we managed to show to an audience

defined that message.

2nd Generate Registration

 After this audience is impacted, it is important to generate

curiosity and clearly demonstrate how you can help him.

Demonstrating a genuine concern to contribute to their

demonstrated, we suggest that they take action to

register on your website.

3rd Conversion

This is where the client has already shown an interest

minimum in service among an important part of automation.

Where we will make constant contacts generating even more proximity,

increasing our authority and already working on some objections

goes up the purchase of the product. At the end of a sequence of 6 to 12

interactions the sales proposal is made


In this step the focus is on the customer's shopping experience

where he will have contact with your product. Ensuring that he

product delivers all promises made during the


5th Analysis

One of the great advantages of these processes through digital means

is to have access to the numbers of each step of the process.

Making sure that you have all the conditions to take the best

decision, for the evolution of its strategy.

Apply all these steps and promote the continuous development of this

process makes it a great vending machine. Transforming the

customer acquisition process in a detailed and