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Software production hub, along with technology and digital products development.


About Us

We are located in Uruguay, a small country surrounded by beaches in southern Latin America. We are a part of the newest technological center, known by its expertise, constant learning, adaptability, and creative talent.



Having different people onboard ensures tons of new ideas: we have over 75 people in different areas, such as development, research, design, content, marketing, security… and more.


True techs take the past and turn it into the future

We’ve been writing code for over 178 years. We’ve been around for a while!
But not everything is code: there are 7 decades of calculation, testing, design, copywriting; we’ve modeled 1331 pieces in 3D (including a mini Darth Vader) and went through about 33 oil tankers of coffee and mate tea.



Product Development

Machine Learning

Digital Marketing


True techs never stop learning.

We obsess over every detail of the technologies we use (we are quite nerdy) and we will learn everything that is to come (we have a super fast learning curve). If you think we’re missing something, fear not!
We can learn a new technology in a weekend.

  • Web  

  • Desktop 

  • Mobile 

  • BackEnd 

  • DevOps

  • Iot 

  • Big Data

  • Data Bases

  • Security

  • Machine Learning

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