Big Data Analytics Solution for Business Intelligence and Customer Prospecting, Market Mapping and Your Next Best Customer.


Ideal customer profile

An ideal customer profile is a hypothetical description of the type of company that will get the most benefit from your product or solution. These companies tend to have the fastest and most successful sales cycle, the highest customer retention rates, and the most evangelists for their brand. 

Goal setting and KPIs

The goals represent the results to be achieved to achieve the proposed objectives. Performance indicators are numbers that we use to express or quantify a potential customer, generating a result, characteristic or the performance of a process.

A/B Test

A / B testing is a test method that compares random elements with two variants, A and B, in which they are the control and treatment of a controlled experiment, with the aim of improving the percentage of approval


Process validation (quality system) is the mechanism or activity used by the organization to ensure that a process whose output is not fully verifiable is capable of consistently providing data that meets specifications.

In order to find the right path with less risk, we carry out this entire process so that the entire sales process goes as expected. With the data we were able to minimize all risk of the sales operation.

Know the right persona for your product / service

We test new ways to reach potential customers.

With accurate market analysis, it is easier to reach the sales target

Cost reduction for acquiring new customers

Do you need to generate leads? Talk to our team and find out how Erah can help you!

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